Your spirituality needs to include your anger.

So often we think that to be a good person and to be loving and kind, that this means not having anger.

And like some magical miracle will come and touch us if we are spiritual enough and it will dissolve all anger and we will be left to enjoy bliss and peace and love and light.



If anything, the more enlightened we are, the more we are able to allow our feelings authentically both within ourself, and appropriately with others.
A conscious external angry response dare I say it, can sometimes even be helpful: to be clear, assertive and communicate boundaries.

The more we suppress and resist, the more it festers and persists.
Take a look at your relationship with anger. How was/is it role-modelled to you in your family. How do you ‘do’ anger now?

All emotion is moving. The emotional body is in constant flux. Like the weather systems of the earth. If it needs to rain it needs to rain. When lightening strikes it has to strike. And it’s charge helps to protect the earth.

Of course we need to learn to be emotionally conscious and healthy: aware, considerate, balanced and taking responsibility.

But emotional maturity and spiritual brownie points does not mean that at some point we will be altogether free of having challenging feelings.

The key is in seeing, allowing, breathing and self-honesty.

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