Are you trying to live up to a fantasy?

Chasing an ideal picture; perfection, knights in shining armour?

We so often want our self perception and our relationships to fulfil all our ideas and expectations around happiness.

We tend to hold a picture of what we think we should live up to and of how our partner should be.

In regards to our impositions on ourself, the true goal is not to fit some picture, but to strip the illusions away to reveal and live our natural self with ease and authenticity.

And with our relationship/s, we learn that others are not there to full-proof meet our expectations and protect us from our fears/hurts/disappointments.

A relationship is there to help you grow into your best and most empowered, loving self.

If you’re not getting your prince/princess charming, it can actually be the universe’s way of helping you search within to build that care and confidence in your own being first.

The fantasy of love will never come in a consistent way from anyone else. And if your core self beliefs and ways of relating with yourself are not at a frequency of care and confidence, then your relationships will reflect this to you.

We attract and are attracted to people that will bring up the very fears/issues we need to see and release; fears that are blocking our heart’s ability to give and receive love.

Of course one should NOT use this as a way of rationalising staying in an abusive relationship. The learning there is simply to leave. In that situation leaving is a critical act of self love.

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