Affirmations are a powerful tool.

Affirmations help to anchor an intention and shift your energy into a positive vibration and direction. They are a bridge from old unconscious beliefs, to a new intentional reality.

The trick is to use an affirmation that you actually believe. If you don’t believe it, something in you will not engage.

So for an example: if you are wanting to raise your level of self worth and to believe you are good enough, instead of saying a straight:
‘I am worthy of love and I am good enough’, it would be more useful to say:
‘I am learning that I am worthy of love and that I am good enough’.
‘Self worth and knowing I am good enough are what I am moving towards’

Repetition is the second key. Just like building muscle, if you only lift weights for two repetitions once a fortnight, it’s not going to have any affect.

Make it easier not to forget putting affirmations in places you can’t help but see them: on post-its on the mirror, on the car dash, reminders that pop up on your phone every day, screen savers etc.

Third key to making affirmations affective is to make sure you keep them fresh by moving their position or changing them up, so you stay alive to them.

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