There are two voids in our psyche. One is full of suffering and deluded thinking, the other is empty of everything and yet full of life itself.

People often fear too much silence.

Silence has a way of emptying everything out and bringing our hearts to the surface.

Thoughts often scramble to cover our inevitable exquisite emptiness, the cloudless sky of our simple being.

For some reason we fear it will not be enough.

When you observe your thoughts enough to see their fleeting-ness, their unreality, then eventually they can no longer trick you into the corridor of worlds and fears they create.

And what is left is life itself. Reality as it is. The vitality of truth. The breath of trust. The peace of clarity and the honour of grace.

Do not confuse the void of emptiness with the corridor of fears.

Yes on our travels towards healing we must face the corridor of fears squarely in order to see that that is what it is.

But when we do see it clearly, it falls away, and we remain, open like the sky and vast as the universe, without even having to go anywhere.

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