Wake up every morning and say: ‘I’m going to be kind to myself today’.

Learning to be kind to ourselves is the most powerful key toward self healing, building self confidence and having better relationships.

When we are judging ourselves for our feelings or our limitations, we can’t receive the learning or compassion that our ‘mistakes’ might teach us.

When we are kind with ourselves we can fortify our capacity to take constructive criticism and gain some ground around things that we know we would like to do better.

With self compassion we have less need to jump to defensiveness and more openness to listen to the truth of others.

In this way, self compassion is anything but selfish.. as it provides a major blessing for our communication in relationships.

Tools to be more kind to yourself:

  • Become aware of your self talk and when your inner judge is talking.
  • Practice saying affirmations that you can truely start to believe in.
  • Remember you are human and have a right to learn.
  • Imagine how you would speak to a friend you love about it, and practice bringing that message to yourself.
  • Put your hand on your heart with a gentle, caring warmth and acknowledge how you feel.
  • Speak your feelings out to the sky, allowing them to be there.
  • Have the intention to learn and grow and take responsibility toward being your best self and know this is a process and takes time.

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