Everything you do depends on how well you know yourself.

Whether we realise it or not, all our behaviour has a motivation behind it.

If we have not inquired into ourselves and our ways of doing things, without even knowing it, we are usually if not almost always operating out of unconscious patterns and conditioning.

For example: We learnt as kids what got us a good result and what gave a bad result, and so we designed our dance in relationships around how best to feel good.

There is nothing wrong with that, as it helped us get to where we are, however problems occur when we need to update ourselves to our current reality and we continue operating out of expectations and beliefs formed in the past.

How can we be open to life, love, aliveness to the moment, and new possibilities if we are unconsciously living out of the past?!

When we get help and guidance to look and we do our personal work, we can see a lot more of our learnt patterns and our emotional relationship with ourself and others.

From here we can start to create change, choice, freedom, vitality and joy.

Conscious therapy is a good thing for all people. Not just if there is something seemingly wrong.

Everything you do depends on how well you know yourself.

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