True happiness is not getting what you want, but letting go of the one in you who wants.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting. It’s a part of being human. And working to get the things we want is a great part of the journey and can give great satisfaction.

And yet at some point, we might stop and ask ourselves what do I really want, on a deep level?

We might realise that no matter how much we attain/achieve, something isn’t being filled, and we might see the pattern that our desires are insatiable. They just keep on coming. Fulfil one, happy for a moment or so, and then we’re on to the next one. All with the promise of happiness.

True happiness comes with letting go of the continual need for more, and resting in the bounty of being alive, feeling gratitude fill us, trusting, full of appreciation and moving from inspiration and creativity.

That can only come when we stop and practice truely looking within.

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