Don’t be afraid to cry. It is not a ‘low vibration’. Crying is the movement between a lower vibration and a higher vibration. That’s called healing.

No emotion in itself has a low vibration, it’s how you relate to it and what you do with it.

Do you deny, suppress or avoid it? Do you sink and get stuck in it? Do you get sulky with it? Do you look for someone to blame for it?

These responses keep you in a wounded vibration.


Do you allow emotion to be there? Are you authentic with it? Do you let it move through you and let it go? Do you observe and release thoughts that come that might keep you hooked in and reactivating an emotion if it sticks around past it’s time? Do you let it out, be honest with yourself about it and be kind with it?

These responses lead to a healing vibration.

You can’t fully heal without feeling the full spectrum of emotions.

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