Bring attention out of your mind and into your body.

We get so consumed in our thinking, we are one big walking head!
We even forget we have a body.

What is reality?

Thoughts change 60,000 or more times a day! And what is left of them that is really true?
And who’s thought world is the real one? When each one is real for each individual?!

To find truth and stability in ourselves, we must see that which is unstable and unreliable and step back from it.

Come out of your changing, unstable thinking, and into your breath, your body presence, body sensations, your senses, the earth under your feet.

Take up a yoga class, find some good body scan meditations on YouTube, use an app like headspace or calm or insighttimer to help you.

Anchor yourself into the real. And keep practicing this everyday.

Healing is an embodied experience.

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