When you make friends with silence, you always have a resting place.

Become aware of all you do to avoid stopping and just being with yourself.

To become peaceful within, there is often a process of first having to identify, acknowledge, feel and sort through all the stuff we have suppressed.

Our ghosts, fears and belief systems often rise within silent space, in order to be seen, healed and released.

Not wanting to experience them keeps us running on the treadmill of distraction, busyness, addictions or perhaps repeated unhealthy relationships.

The first step is to start to explore and identify what these fears and ghosts are for you. We all have our version of them, no matter our upbringing. It’s just part of the human psyche.

When we can work through these with support, we can start to empty out. We can learn to see their threat as devoid of true reality or any substance in the now. We can stop running and just be with ourselves and whatever experience arises.

We can be safe enough to feel.

And we then will find ourselves in the space of silence and peace more often.

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