You are not angry, a part within you is angry.

Another part is usually there too, judging the angry part. On this level of experience we are not merely one self. We have many parts. Our one true Self however, is that in us which sees and is aware of all our parts.

Learn to look within.

When there is a strong feeling, fear or defensiveness, a useful question to ask yourself is ‘which part of me is feeling and acting this way?’.

If you had to paint a picture of their character for someone to act as them, how would you describe that part of you?

Gain this information to start to identify the parts of you that play out. They usually have similar patterns or ways of thinking that will show up again and again.

When we can gain awareness of which part is on the ‘stage’ and acting through us, we can start to step back and make choices from a conscious place.

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