The antidote for a feeling is the feeling itself, fully had.

Often we resist, judge and try to ignore or avoid our challenging emotions.

With this resistance they persist.

When we tell ourselves it’s not ok to feel this or that or that we should be other than what arises, we suffer further. We can then become anxious about feeling anxiety or depressed about feeling sad.

Emotions themselves can be hard to be with, but when we allow them, we don’t add a further layer of suffering on top of them.

When you’ve got a tough feeling hanging around, take time to sit with it. Tune into where you feel it in your body. Breathe with it. Let your body totally feel the sensation of that feeling. Really let it’s fullness be had and expressed. Speak it out loud, name it to the sky, let tears be had or frustration be voiced.

We can even have gratitude in those moments that we are safe enough with ourself to really feel. We are alive.

With this we often find our emotions will pass through and release.

I often say (inspired by @jonbernie) that our emotional body is like the weather system of our being; always moving, changing and passing through. We can trust that even with a great storm, the rain at some point will always pass. And there is no point trying to stop it, it’s just life. And we also need the rain for things to be able to grow.

If the same feeling keeps circling back, or pulling us to it, it is often necessary to
investigate what thoughts/beliefs/narratives are there that are perpetuating our feelings and to really look into them. Are they true? Do you need to keep choosing to follow them?

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