Be kind. Be real. Be true.

Life will unfold for you when you face it with utmost honesty. Both with yourself and with others.

This is not an easy path. It takes a lot more courage than we think. And often we have to face a lot of our fears.

With this, kindness is indispensable. It softens the judgement that can come at times with self honesty.

We can’t grow from something when we are stuck in the spin self judgment or blame.

The human journey needs as much kindness as it can get.

We need kindness with ourselves, for our past and our mistakes, so we can learn from them.

We need kindness for our present, to allow a flow of loving connection within ourself and with others.

And we need kindness for our vision of the future; being an open heart.

Be kind, be real, be true. It is a gift to all humanity.

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