Levels of Self Awareness – Part 1 of 3:

The same words of guidance will be received differently depending on where someone is at within themselves.

These days we have a lot of material out there advocating for being yourself, emotional allowing, self love and healthy boundaries.

These are all important learnings. However there is also a complication happening within how different people at different stages in their growth, are receiving, interpreting and applying these different teachings.

In the ‘old days’ spiritual teachings were not so readily available. They were more passed down from a teacher to a student, for where that particular student was at, and for what their next insight needed to be according to their particular level of spiritual maturity.

Nowadays it’s all thrown out there for anyone at any stage of understanding. The same advice that for one person might help generate loving growth, for another could easily, unconsciously be wielded to fortify or defend their ego…

Part 2 to follow tomorrow…

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