Levels of Self AwarenessPart 2 of 3:

Do you tend to a more superior type ego or an inferior ego?

There are levels of awareness in our consciousness. There are levels to our self.

Often when we are operating from the level of our ego, the spiritual teachings we need to hear are that which will break our ego down.

And depending on whether you have an ego that tends to take on a self image with a more inferior stance or a self superior stance, this unraveling again will take a different approach.

If we are unconsciously acting from a superior ego, our arrogance, our righteousness and our stubbornness are what need to be dismantled, not defended. The teachings that will be right for someone in this stage are humbling and sometimes almost mortifying. They are intended to unravel the ego’s sense of importance and thinking that it knows. They will rob our ego of the ability to defend anything, because when we are unconsciously identified as ego parts of ourselves, anything we might defend will only be blocking our opening to love.

If we tend to a more inferior ego, a good teaching would be one that helps us see our patterns of thought that undermine ourselves, that put ourselves last or struggle with asserting ourselves. Here we might need to learn to trust more in our goodness, our intuition and our empathetic abilities.

Usually people need a combination of both of these kinds of pointers, because the human psyche has both an inferior and superior ego in differing degrees, as inferior and superior are simply two ends of the same stick…

…Part 3 to follow tomorrow…

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