Attempting to communicate does not make you too much.

If you are speaking with sincerity and loving intent, from your heart and truth; doing your upmost to communicate, and someone tells you that you’re too much, often it’s that their ego feels threatened somehow and they need to defend it and deflect their shadow onto you.

It’s so often that people like you to be strong and in your power, until you confront their ego.

There’s often a need for discernment in communicating the hard stuff, as to someone’s capacity to hear you. We might need to assess whether or not trying further to get through to them will just continue to inflame their stubbornness or not.

It can be so painful to accept the limitation. But it can be more painful to keep having your heart unheard.

Just be sure to give yourself the belief, love and support you need, and not to slip into self doubt through what they might have said to make it about you.

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