A relationship is not simply meant to make you happy. A relationship is to bring you into the highest version of yourself, where your love is the most free.

So often we seek someone to make us happy, to be the ‘perfect fit’.

Yes relationships are for love, togetherness and happiness, no doubt about it! And at the same time, they are what show up for us where we need to heal ourselves and where we are unable to let love in or to give it.

So often we hit up against these walls in each other and in ourselves, and we interpret it as not the right relationship.

It is helpful to approach relationships with some understanding that they will most certainly show up our hurts and our learning.

When we have a willingness to show up for ourselves and our partner in owning our stuff, being vulnerable and doing the inner work, we can grow.

And when both people are actively engaged in self growth together, then we can turn straw into gold.

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