When you stop painting and projecting a fantasy filled with expectations, you can start to discern and receive what is really here.

How much do you live in your idea of things and of potentials, or of how you expect your life and relationships to be, and how much do you live in the reality of what is?

We often miss the aliveness of the simple things, like a daisy, because we label it with our mind and don’t take it in as a wonder and a mystery and a miracle of life. Reality is full of absolute magic, beyond the conceptual level of viewing.

Also, so often early in relationships we are not fully seeing the other person with all their human picture, we are seeing what we want to see or how we want them to be. We project our fantasy.

We can so easily dismiss the red flags, because they don’t fit with what our mind wants.

We can learn to be mindful of this. To listen to ourselves.

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