The key to true and lasting freedom is to consistently practice stepping back into your observer.

To gain inner freedom we need to step back from conditioned, automatic and reactive patterns. To do this we need to observe ourselves.

Our psyche is incredible. We have different levels within our awareness. The observer is a place within us from which we are able to view our drama but not be inside it.
Like being in the audience at the movie theatre while simultaneously watching yourself as the character in the film. It is not a disconnected/dissociative activity, no.. it is an engaged and alert presence of awareness with what is.

The observer enables us to see ourselves when we are caught in or acting from our ‘stuff’; emotions, behaviours and belief systems, and to inwardly step back, create space and make more conscious choices.

We can’t create real freedom of any kind when without even knowing it our behaviour is coming from unconscious beliefs and outdated, often unhelpful and patterns and motivations.

Practice to stop, to pause and investigate when you’re feeling something strongly. Use your triggers as red flags to free you.

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