What parts of you do you disallow?

We often learn growing up, that parts of us aren’t received well, accepted heard or supported.

We learn therefore to try not to be certain ways and to be the way that gets the best results we can.

And with that, as we go on we tend to split off from parts of ourselves.

We try to squash the angry part. We try to deny the needy part. We try to avoid the deeply sad or lonely parts of us.

This forms what some people term our ‘shadow’.

Healing requires integrating our shadow. It involves learning to be there and bring understanding and kindness to the parts of us that we disallow.

To learn to listen and be honest with how we’re really feeling.

Obviously the need to remain sensitive to how we affect others is always important, and so social conditioning is a necessary part of life.

And yet when we have already seen, heard and allowed ourselves our process inwardly, whether we have expressed our feelings to others or not, what we choose to do with them becomes much more conscious and wise.

We can find more harmony in life this way.

Paradox how allowing our negative feelings in the end makes us a happier and more balanced person.

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